Sunday, January 16, 2011

What’s with a Heart?

At first glance almost anyone you speak to will understand that a heart is a vital part of keeping life in a living entity, yet is this so? Obviously not, as some animals do not even have a heart, such as lava worms, coral, and jellyfish. Not to mention that quite a number of humans are walking around the world quite happily with robotic hearts, not their own biological heart.

So if a heat is not required to sustain life, then why do we put one into a robot? In short words: because they expect to see one -
people relate the property of life to a beating heart
(which drives Socially Alive acceptance).

For it is very difficult to push an idea onto someone, let alone an entire society - one must cause them to want to accept it as alive, to let their anthropomorphic feelings take a hold and convert the entity into a being that is Socially Alive because they now see something in it that they see in themselves, namely, a beating heart.

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