Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Use of a Body

Though it is quite conceivable to have life without a body (suspended consciousness, for example) for practical and social means, a body is the medium between the living entities.

Consider this: There are two fish lying on dry land a few hundred feet apart from each other - each fish thinks to himself, “I am the only fish in the universe”. Then, someone adds water, a medium that allows the fish to swim around and meet each other, interacting, and socializing.

The fish lying on dry land are like life without a body, they lack a medium that allows them to interact with each other.

In conclusion, life may be able to exist without a body, it is conceivable to use some different medium to connect living entities together - but for our world, at least,
life has chosen its medium as that of “bodies” which allow
all living entities to connect, interact, and socialize together.

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