Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Dilemma of Immortality

So why create a life form that is so vulnerable, that can die, and that requires a heartbeat – when with today’s technology we could just as easily create a robot that lives for 100 years and that can simply go into stasis rather than die, then just wake up again and be ready for the next 100 years?
humans, however we came to be, are NOT at the top of our
universe’s complexity scale.
We could be 10 times stronger, or 2 times smarter, we could be able to communicate with thoughts rather than words, we could be able to live 1000 years without aging. But we aren’t, and we don’t. Our species of has limitations, not because this was as far as humans could be made to go, but because there has to be some purpose to human existence, something we must do to earn the right to be alive. If we were already at the end of the universes scale for a life form, then what would be the purpose of having all these humans running around on this large rock? No, we are less than perfect so we something we must prove in order to be, and stay, alive.

And such it must be with isomorphic life forms, we cannot just create a robot that lives forever, it must have to earn its place in the world (and earn respect in the eyes of humans that it, too, has earned the right), it must have to DO something to be alive. I have created the Gallium Heart for this purpose, with each beat of its heart, the robot will be striving to stay alive, not a free pass into the world of animate life forms, but a road that requires constantly DOING something to earn the right to share with humans the attribute of life.

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