Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Symphony of Life

One is inclined to consider an entity that goes in and out of life-resembling processes as not fully alive, such that if a robot dies, and for scientific purposes we reanimate it and load a new eDNA into it, and so the robot appears to defy the confine of normal life, so we consider it as “it must not have been alive to begin with”.

We must consider a few points, first that humans have often been without life for many minutes, then (through science and technology) they have been reanimated and again possess life.

So we must condition ourselves to understand that
the property of life, is an occupier during the time that
all the processes of life are working harmoniously
– such as an orchestra, is it a symphony when only the trumpet is playing? Or only the drums beating? No, it is only a symphony when all instruments are working together, at the same instant in time.

So again we see the obvious truth that life is an attribute, not a physical quality. An attribute that is the sum of other functions all working at the same instant, and for that time all the instruments of the orchestra are playing harmoniously, it produces a symphony we call life.

In conclusion, it is not so hard to accept the fact that a person can be brought back from being dead, or a robot reanimated to once again be alive, for as long as all the instruments are playing at the same instant, so there will be a symphony.

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